[Samba] rpcclient-style call for windows messenger service ("WinPopup")?

Clarke Morledge chmorl at wm.edu
Fri Oct 17 14:53:25 GMT 2003

Can Samba be used to generated WinPopUp RPC calls on TCP port 135?

I am familiar with using the "smbclient -M" command to send messages
using the Win Popup protocol, otherwise known as Windows Messenger
Service, or what a Microsoft user does from a DOS prompt as a "net
send" command.

WinPopup can be generated either via Microsoft file sharing protocols,
using the "smbclient -M" method in Samba, or it can be generated with
a Microsoft RPC call (through TCP port 135).

In Samba, I would think that this can be done with rpcclient.  However, I
have not been able to figure out how to do it.

Can anyone tell me how to construct an rpcclient request that mimics
the "net send" command using Microsoft's RPC?   From packet traces, the
"net send" command issues RPC calls across the network to TCP port 135.

I am working on a UNIX based script that will detect when a Microsoft OS
has some virus/worm then and using Windows Messenger Service via Samba to
notify the user that the system has been compromised.  Unfortunately,
the "smbclient -M" method requires that the recipient have Microsoft file
sharing enabled (via ports 139, 445, and/or others) -- and that is not
always the case.  However, unless the user has disabled Messenger Service
and/or RPC, I would think that using rpcclient to generate a message via
the RPC service on TCP port 135 should work (I just don't know how to do


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