[Samba] Samba 2.2.8a --with-pam Solaris PAM_LDAP

Baldwin Sung bsung at fmri.columbia.edu
Fri Oct 17 13:40:08 GMT 2003

Hi All,

I was wondering if anybody has had similar issues?

1. Why will the --with-pam option work when only encrypt passwords = no 
in the smb.conf file?

2. Is their a way to set encrypt passwords = yes in the smb.conf and 
still use the --with-pam option?

I'm running Samba 2.2.8a with the following ./configure...

./configure --prefix=/opt/samba \
                 --with-configdir=/opt/samba/etc \
                 --with-privatedir=/opt/samba/etc/private \
                 --with-lockdir=/opt/samba/var/locks \
                 --with-piddir=/opt/samba/var/locks \
                 --with-logfilebase=/opt/samba/var/log \
                 --without-readline \
                 --enable-shared=yes \
                 --enable-static=no \
                 --with-acl-support \
                 --without-winbind \

My goal is to have a Windows 2000 Professional workstation login to a 
domain based environment to utilize roaming profiles. From what I can 
digest, it seems the Windows 2000 Professional only works when encrypt 
passwords = yes in the smb.conf file.

When connecting to a Samba server using a Mac OS X client just for 
testing purposes, with encrypt passwords = no and --with-pam enabled... 
a test user can authenticate against the Samba Server via PAM then 
PAM_LDAP with great success :)

In the worst case, I would really appreciate it if you could direct me 
to where I could modify any piece of the samba code to allow pam even 
with encrypt passwords = yes?

BTW, the Samba team has really made great software!

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