[Samba] help - Mapping shares asks for passwords...

shaf sum io_freak at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 17 08:14:23 GMT 2003

Hi everybody

I have a samba-LDAP server that authenticate all users
in my network.  It works fine.  Thers is no share on
this server.  here i have samba 2.2.8a 

I have another samba server that do fileserver only
(shares).  here, samba 2.2.3a.  

On my samba-LDAP server i created a machine account
for the fileserver.  

On the file server, i activated the following:
netbios name = MYHOSTNAME
security = domain
password server = IP_OF_PDC
encrypt password = yes

then i did, smbpasswd -j MYWORKGROUP -r
NETBIOSNAME_OF_PDC -U root%password and it joined
domain successfully.  

When all the users get authenticate to the samba-ldap
server, a logon script is executed that maps all the
shares found in the fileserver to some network drives.

My problem is that if my user get authenficate by the
ldap server correctly, the filesever asks for password
for that user which is very strange because the file
server is a member of the domain.

Could someone in the big world please help me ...


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