[Samba] Updating 2.2.8a to 3.0.0 (LDAP)

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Fri Oct 17 07:38:00 GMT 2003

On Fri, 2003-10-17 at 17:24, Uwe Laverenz wrote:
> Hi,
> we have Samba 2.2.8a+LDAP 2.0.27 domain controllers running on our 
> Debian servers and I'm preparing the update to Samba 3.0.0. Everything 
> seems to work fine so far, except that I get some error messages that I 
> don't understand. Could someone please explain them to me? Should I wait 
> for the next Samba release before switching to 3.x?
> The error messages:
> When a user logs into the domain controlled W2K machine:
> [2003/10/17 09:00:11, 0] rpc_server/srv_pipe.c:api_pipe_netsec_process(1357)
>    failed to decode PDU
> [2003/10/17 09:00:11, 0] rpc_server/srv_pipe_hnd.c:process_request_pdu(605)
>    process_request_pdu: failed to do schannel processing.

These may well be normal - we don't implement the 'schanel' protocol in
completely the same way microsoft does, and so we force the client to
restart it's authentication each time it connects.   I think this is a
symptom of that.

> When the user logs out (occurs ~20 times):
> [2003/10/17 09:01:27, 0] lib/smbldap.c:smbldap_open(799)
>    smbldap_open: cannot access LDAP when not root..
> ...followed by this messages (occurs ~20 times):
> [2003/10/17 09:01:27, 0] passdb/pdb_ldap.c:ldapsam_search_one_group(1612)
>    ldapsam_search_one_group: Problem during the LDAP search: LDAP error: 
>   (Insufficient access)smbldap_open: cannot access LDAP when not root..

These are bugs, you may wish to try 3.0.1pre1, which I think resolves
some of these.   

> Thanks for your help!
> Uwe
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