[Samba] Samba Connection Problem

lawrence Low llow at columbiacollege.bc.ca
Fri Oct 17 06:37:54 GMT 2003

I've just set up samba for a small LAN.   I'm running samba 2.2.7 on RH 8. Now I have a real problem that I have no clue on. I have VERY intermittent connectivity
to the Samba server. If  I left a computer (Windows 98) idle for a while, and then try to browse the contents in the Samba server, I will get this error " domain is unavailable" or "The specified network name is no longer available".
Sometimes it just freeze the computer. I have to restart the computer and reconnect to Samba again. Sometimes it connects and give me the proper info, sometimes not. Browsing is also screwed up.  When I go into Windows Explorer, it takes a minute or so to update the contents.  Sometimes stopping and restarting
samba does the trick; sometimes it makes it worse. This is very frustrating!
Does anyone have the same problem? Any suggestion on how to fix this?! Your advice and help are much appreciated. Please e-mail your suggestion to llow at columbiacollege.bc.ca

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