[Samba] squid + junkbuster

KRISS BOUCHET zergos at ifrance.com
Thu May 29 09:54:40 GMT 2003

hello users!
i'm trying to make squid work with junkbuster..
i have a debian linux gateway on wich i ve put squid, junkbuster, (and 
an iptables firewall)
but the "big" problem is that i cant have junkbuster working .... 
ive configured this for junkbuster :
allow (to enable my windows machine on to 
access junkbuster)
listen address localhost 8089
i launch junkbuster (./junkbuster /etc/junkbuster/config -d 16)
and i have no message.
netstat -l tells that someone listen on locahost:8089
/var/log/junkbuster/log gives nothing
and my IE on the windows cant connect when i give it the proxy on port 8089

what have i misconfigured ....

thanks a lot!

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