[Samba] error compiling samba 2.2.8a with gcc 3.0.2 on Reliant 5.44 (SINIX) incl.workaround

Roland Grzyb rgrzyb at ThiesTextilmaschinen.de
Wed May 28 12:24:32 GMT 2003

the following messages occurs

-Kll64 unkown (ignored) it's only a warning (see http://sources.redhat.com/ml/autoconf/2001-07/msg00017.html)

In file included from nsswitch/winbind_nss_config.h:38,                         
                 from nsswitch/wb_common.c:25:                                  
/opt/lib/gcc-lib/mips-sni-sysv4/3.0.2/include/unistd.h:288: parse error before "off64_t"

it seemed to be a problem with (/usr/include/sys/types.h) 
typedef long long               __long64_t;
typedef __long64_t      off64_t;        /* 64 bit */ 
typedef __long64_t      blkcnt64_t;     /* file block counts */


my workaround (is there a better way ?)

make  (compile error occur)
vi Makefile (change the following line)

a precompiled file nsswitch/wb_common.o will be generated
cd nsswitch
mv wb_common.c wb_common.org    (preserve original file)
mv wb_common.o wb_common.c       (use precompiled file as new source file)
vi wb_common.c
g/off64_t/s//long long/g  
g/blkcnt64_t/s//long long/g  
cd .. (change to source directory)

vi Makefile (change the following line)
make clean (remove all object-files)


Roland Grzyb

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