[Samba] Call for help with Samba Printing and WinNT

mwestern at sola.com.au mwestern at sola.com.au
Mon May 26 03:05:16 GMT 2003

> > Continuing on, we can now try the Linux commandline method of installing
> > the printer driver.
> You have too much time on your hands<g>.

yeah i did that once as well and you don't need to crap around with all that
typing.  you need to copy the files using windows explorer -> samba box
(samba share, winscp, ftp whatever) in the right place as specified by the
doc(may like a backup copy of the files you've collected from your windows
test page) so you can redo your adddriver as many times as you like).   all
that rpcclient stuff is a waste of time IMHO, but perhaps is good because it
makes you think and gives you a little experience using rpcclient if you
haven't before.

> This is normal operation. XP HOME cannot participate as a domain member
> and therefore one must duplicate the account. In some scenarios a
> reconnect to shares will require additional attention at every login.
> Windows machines have been sharing peer-to-peer style (no PDC) for a
> long time, no reason to be so surprised by it.

confirmation of XP Home being a crock.  can't talk to any windows domains
(took me a little while to figure out why a user couldn't get on when being
told he was sure he had XP Pro <sigh>)  :)


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