[Samba] Problem with winbind authentication on NT PDC

Ralf Luettgens ralf.luettgens at rheinland-versicherungen.de
Fri May 23 09:50:57 GMT 2003

Hi all,

i've problem with the authentication via winbind on a Windows NT PDC.


Samba Server:
Linux SLES8 as VM guest on one LPAR
SAMBA 3.0 alpha23

Windows NT 4.0 SP 6a

The samba Server is member of the domain, i can check the secret with net 
rpc testjoin and wbinfo -t. I see the groups and user from the domain with 
getent group and getent passwd. When i try to connect to a share with an 
entry for the user in valid user= the entry in the log file is "bad 
username or password".

Anybody know the problem and a workaround ?

This thing is time critical because when i can't solve the problem the 
samba server will be discontinued and there will be a Windows NT 
fileserver  as cluster implemented.

Best regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Ralf Lüttgens
IT/Systemtechnik Methoden & Tools

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