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Thu May 29 07:35:42 GMT 2003

  Dear Samba Staff
        My name is Muddassar and in these days i am doing works on Linux 
Samba Server . I have found a problem to joining a Samba domain from 
Windows 2000 Professional , When joins the samba domain  the win2000 asks 
me to give user name and its password of the domain ,when i enter the 
valid root User name and its password , after few seconds the the message 
is shows on the the screen there is a problem to joing Domain and the 
message is 
         "The account  used is a computer account . Use your  global user 
user account or local user account to access this server ."
 While i have added the root to the smbadduser and its password , and also 
my smb.conf  file is also clear from  errors . Please tell me  , i am very 
in trouble . There is no problem in win95 and win98 to joining the samba 
domain. i've also created the machine account . 
 Please tell me the solution of this problem i am very grateful to all of 
 Yours Truly 
 Muddassar Inayat

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