[Samba] color profile for shared printer

REILLY,JOHN R (HP-Roseville,ex1) jreilly at hp.com
Fri May 23 16:30:49 GMT 2003

Norman -

Color profiles cannot be done in Samba (today). This requires files to
be moved into the ICM directory. The Point and Print mechanism does
not natively support this. MS made it work by letting driver venders
write something called the Point and Print DLL. It is automatically
run by the client spooler to move files. Unfortunately, Samba does not
yet set up the appropriate registry settings so that the client will
realize there is a P&P DLL, and that it needs to call it. There are
several niggly bit here, I don't remember them all at the moment.


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On Thu, 22 May 2003, Norman Zhang wrote:

> I can added laser printers to the Samba share. But can't seem to find a
> way to add color profiles for color laser printers to Samba. Would
> someone please give me a few pointers?

I'm not positive that the ICM feature is available on remote Windows or 
Samba print servers.  John Reilly @ HP had worked on this some, but I 
can't remember the details.

cheers, jerry 
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