[Samba] build for osX server 1.1.5

davidm at mit.edu davidm at mit.edu
Thu May 22 16:47:10 GMT 2003


Due to the exploit in samba <2.2.8, we can no longer run the samba
supplied by apple.  Apple has not released any updates for OSX server
1.1.5 -- instead wanting us to upgrade to OSX server 10.2 for $900.  I
have been able to build the latest version of samba on max osX , but
authentication is not working.  What are the hooks needed to talk to the
netinfo database for password information?  Somehow apple's version
bypasses smbpasswd and authenicates directly with netinfo...Any ideas?
I can dump netinfo information into a passwd file and create an
smbpasswd file from that, but it won't be dynamic when users change
their password.



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