[Samba] AD Server in a few months?

Tarjei Huse tarjei at nu.no
Wed May 21 19:09:51 GMT 2003

Hi, I just read the interveiw with Andrew Tridgell in TheRegister right
now, and just wanted to veridy something:

Does the samba-team expect to have a working AD Controller in a few
months? (In head I expect) ? 

The work to make Samba an Active Directory domain controller is in a
much earlier stage of development. A few developers (in particular Jim
McDonough and Anthony Liguori) have been doing a lot of work on this and
while their progress is encouraging, I don't think you'll see something
that could be used in production for a few months at least.

I though this was more like a year or two away.
Is there some documents (emails etc) on what is beeing done and what is
left? Where may I find some more details on this? 



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