[Samba] Samba security setup in an NT domain with multiple domains

Mark Schubert mark.schubert at cogita.com
Wed May 21 00:25:15 GMT 2003

Dear Samba,

We have a global NT network with multiple domains. We have a unix server
from which we are just wanting to share some directories to the NT users. At
this stage we use security=server and point the server to a domain
controller. This works great for authentication in the local domain because
our NT usernames match our unix usernames, so the users don't even need to
enter a Samba specific username/password when opening up a share.

However, for the other domains to get access to the server we are having
some trouble. Usually we can see the server in the browse list, however we
get errors like "Network path not found", or get a prompt for a
username/password when trying to open a share.

With my scant understanding of NT domains I believe this has to do with NT
trusts. Is this true? Is there an easy way to approach this, bear in mind we
really don't want to use smbpasswd because then the users need to remember
and maintain another password.

If the only way is to fix up the NT domains, what is required to do this?

Please reply directly to me as I am not on the list.


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