[Samba] Samba problem with WinXP

Ziemowit Marcinkowski ramzi at vline.pl
Tue May 20 11:35:18 GMT 2003

    We have some problems in our Network, some times when we tried to login in to samba server we cann't go in, there is a window prompting to write user and password, but the data used day before doesn't work, only one way to work is go to administrator and he must change smbpasswd. We don't wont to expire the password and we donnt know where the problem is. We aren't permision to change passwd by the console because, there is no permision to password file. So mayby there is some configuration to don't expire password i Samba, or mayby there is WinXP some bug or switch.

Best Regards, and thank you for your help

Ziemowit Marcinkowski

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