[Samba] Ssh into Windows XP?

Carsten Ruckelshausen carsten at sgcr.net
Sat May 17 18:10:11 GMT 2003

At 19:37 17.05.2003, Murali krishnan Ganapathy wrote:

>Is there any way, one can "ssh" into a running windows XP machine
>and get a text terminal.

Yes, you can. Have a look at:

>Infact, even if I can "ssh" into a windows
>machine and run a network script, it is fine with me. But the current
>user of the machine, should not be affected in any way (except possibly
>performance slow down). The "runas" commands do work, so the Secondary
>Logon service is available, and I have disable Fast user switching as
>- Murali
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Bis denn dann,

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