[Samba] some simple samba problems

mwestern at sola.com.au mwestern at sola.com.au
Thu May 15 06:43:34 GMT 2003

with problem 1 you might like to try making writeable = yes    and perhaps
if you're not concerned about security put public = yes as well....  the
other too i've no idea sorry.  only the first one as i've just tried to do
it as well..  ;)

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there are 3 problems i've been having with samba for a very long time.  i
hoping to get them resolved once and for all.  my smb.conf file is attached.

1)  my printer is shared via samba and i'm using the cups print system.  i
see the printer from my win2k and winxp machines, but it says "unable to 
connect, access denied".  how do i remedy this problem?

2)  i'm sharing all my home directories via samba.  a win32 machine can only

see cjb's home dir if there is a cjb account on on that win32 machine with 
the same password as the linux machine.  i want any win32 machine to see 
>all< shared home dirs, but only allowed to enter them if the correct 
password is supplied.  and furthermore, once the window is closed, it will 
ask for the password again if trying to enter the dir again.

3)  sometimes when i click on a share, windows will ask for a password, but 
the text input for the login is greyed out.  thus i can only supply a 
password, but not a correct login...what gives?

i'm using samba-2.2.7.

thank you very very much for the help, it is greatly appreciated, and it
be added to my ever growing "how to do things in linux" document...=)

-- christopher

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