[Samba] Crash Linux with Samba

Francesco Alfano ced at reroberto.it
Wed May 14 08:53:51 GMT 2003

I have installed samba 2.2.8 as file server for windows.
In the ordinary use there are 10 directory shared:

8 directory are connected to 7 PC Wfw 3,11 and therefore seen
like hard disk local, that is 6 PC Wfwg are connected to 2 directory
shared from samba, while a seventh PC with Wfwg is connected to 1
single one directory.

2 directory are seen by Win 98/Me and 95 simply for the
file transit.

The problem is that they have been had various crash of machine, and
is increases you to increasing of the sharings through samba.

It is possible that samba it blocks the machine after a period of
operation, or that it is limited in the number of rows to use, or more
probably that there is a disowned bug to me?

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