[Samba] OT: need feedback on samba-vscan

Rainer Link rainer at openantivirus.org
Sat May 10 09:41:40 GMT 2003

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for a paper which will hopefully released later under the terms of the
GNU FDL, I need some feedback on samba-vscan

Please include the following information in your feedback (it's ok to
answer not all questions)

* which samba-vscan version you're using
* which Samba version
* which anti-virus product
* on how many Samba servers it's being used, approx. amount of users and
* figures on performance impact/loss due to samba-vscan
* which features do you miss? You might give every missing feature a
weight (i.e. 5 = very important, 1 = just a nice-to-have)
* if you used it in the past, but decided to not use it any longer,
please state your reason(s) (again, you might give every reason a weight)
* anything else :-)

Thank you very much!

Note: your answer(s) will be read only by me, you're very welcome to
send your reply PGP-encrypted. Your data will not be given to any other
person/organisation/whatever. It will be used for statistics only, i.e.
your name and/or company name will not be mentioned in this paper. In
any case I'd like to cite parts of your mail, I will kindly ask for your
~ permission before. And, of course, missing features will be added to
the TODO list of the project :-)

best regards,
Rainer Link
Developer samba-vscan

Version: GnuPG v1.0.7 (GNU/Linux)


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