[Samba] Editing the registry on NT clients

Jim Wharton jwharton at acpafl.org
Fri May 9 16:45:36 GMT 2003

I usually pass out registry changes in logon scripts using reg files. You
can use:

regedit /s \\server\netlogon\someupdate.reg
to silently slip some values into a users registry. They must have
permission, however, to update the registry. i have been fooling with runas
but nothing concrete yet.


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> Hi all,
> I seem to remember that some time ago (after some nasty VBScript virus
> or other) that there were postings to the list about how a registry
> change could be rolled out to all the client workstations 
> with Samba. Of
> course, now I'd like to try it, I can't find the details any more. Can
> anyone tell me how its done? I thought there was functionality in
> rpcclient, but can't find it...
> Mike.
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