[Samba] Setting DOS 'hidden' 'archive' and 'read-only' attributes on Directories

kunta at drunk.nl kunta at drunk.nl
Thu May 8 10:51:41 GMT 2003

Hi All,

I'm trying to convert one of our application servers to RedHat 9.0, for
this to succeed i need to be sure that i can set DOS attributes on
directories, it works fine for files but i haven't been able to get it
to work for directories, can one of you enlighten me and tell me what i
need to do to get this to work?


        comment = applic server
        path = /usr/local/heineken
        force user = applicusers
        force group = users
        read only = No
        create mask = 0777
        directory mask = 0777
        map system = Yes
        map hidden = Yes
        map archive = Yes

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