[Samba] Configuration difficulties with SuSE Rel 8.2, Professional

Mike Blonder imblonder at imbenterprises.com
Tue May 13 21:40:11 GMT 2003


I am implementing SAMBA on a Local Area Network comprising 2 MS WIndows 
machines (1 running XP Pro, the other MS WIn 98), an Apple G4 Powerbook, and 
a Clone running SuSE Linux (rel 8.2) professional.  

Swat is up and running and the configuration is fine.  I am attempting to set 
up shares, but noted that Dialog Boxes looking for passwords are coming up on 
the Windows and Mac when we attempt to connect to the Linux server, despite 
the fact that passwords have not yet been set.  

Where can I find the default password settings so that I can configure the 
clients to mount the shares on the host?

Alternatively, is there a misconfiguration here?



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