[Samba] samba pdc/roving profiles/encrypted passwords

Dan Shadix dshadix at trhs.org
Fri May 30 21:31:57 GMT 2003

I'm not sure that you must have encrypted passwords to implement roving profiles, but I am sure that you don't have to involve a Windows server to use encrypted passwords.


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From: dan kador <shoutinwhispers at yahoo.com>
Date:  Fri, 30 May 2003 13:59:42 -0700 (PDT)

>It is my understanding that roving profiles cannot be implemented without using encrypted passwords.  It is also my understanding that encrypted passwords cannot be implemented without pointing smb.conf to a windows password server.  
>I'm trying to set up a samba server on a Linux (RedHat 7.3) to act as a PDC and a provider for roving profiles - when I do things with cleartext (encryption off), I can connect to drives and such fine from Windows 2000 using the typical "net use \\server\share /user:myuser".  However, when I connect to the domain, it will not automatically load my profile.  I'm thinking it's because of the password encryption, but perhaps I'm wrong.  
>If anybody can help, I'd be very appreciative!  Thanks so much.
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