[Samba] a few questions

Tori Williamson tori at bsitpa.com
Fri May 30 19:10:10 GMT 2003

One more thing you might want to consider besides roaming profiles for
the SMB PDC (which will handle your user mappings, etc) is to look at
Novel ZenWorks...

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> Hi there. I'm new to the list and I have a few questions about Samba.
> I've built a few Win9x/Samba networks, but I've been asked to
> build a Win2000/Samba network and I have a few issues.
> First off, is there some way with Win2000 and Samba to get a
> workstation independant login? Right now I have to create the
> user on the 2000 box for them to be able to login.
> Second, what is the best configuration tool to use for Samba?
> I'm running RH9.0 and the GUI is nice, but VERY limited. I've
> been messing with SWAT, but it doesn't seem to be able to do
> the things that I want (such as choose a share, and then
> simply choose who has rights to it). What is being used out there?
> Third, is there a way to run login scripts with 2000? With 9X
> I could create login scripts that would map the drives needed
> for that user. Can I do something like that with 2000 and
> Samba? Our users move around a lot and there's no way I could
> follow them all over and map the drives they need on that
> particular workstation every time they move.
> This network is coming off of Novell, and the administrator
> that I'm working with understands that this isn't going to be
> EXACTLY the same, but he stills wants some of the same functionality.
> Rick
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