[Samba] Why not seeing samba server

Leopard leopard at moua7.com
Fri May 30 14:58:16 GMT 2003

 I'm using samba-2.2.8a and this conf file :
  netbios name = Moua7
  workgroup = EPI
  server string = Moua7 - FreeBSD 4.8
  guest account = samba
  security = share
  name resolve order = bcast
  create mask = 0600
  directory mask = 0700
  os level = 255
  preferred master = Yes
  domain master = Yes
  wins support = Yes
  comment = Dossier de partage sur moua7
  path = /home/leopard/partage
  guest ok = yes
  read only = no
 I can access to samba server from win XP but can't see it on network
 Do someone knows why?
 Also got nothing when typing:
 (leopard at moua7 ~)nmblookup -A
 Looking up status of
 (leopard at moua7 ~)
 (leopard at moua7 ~)smbclient -L moua7 -N
 added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
 Connection to moua7 failed
 (leopard at moua7 ~)
 Thank tou for your help.
 Ali - leopard at moua7.com

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