[Samba] Big trouble after serverupgrade - Help needed!

Götz Reinicke goetz.reinicke at filmakademie.de
Fri May 30 13:11:31 GMT 2003

Hi folks,

I installed a new samba-PDC-server (dual athlon, raid,...) with Redhat 
9++ and samba 2.2.8a from rawhide. I copied all (?) configfiles 
(/etc/samba/*) from my old server an adjusted some shares.

The old server (RH 8, Samba 2.2.6, single PIII) was working for a couple 
of month without a probelm; I could create mashineaccounts on the fly 
from windows 2K and XP Pro, profiles and logonscripts worked fine.

Now the big trouble and problems:

As I tried to login with my account from a win2K-pc I'm not allowed to 
login. I figgured out, that my mashine-account was broken. So I deleted 
the old one and joint the domain again. Now I can login.

An other user can login from a different pc, while I can't from this pc. 
I saw he has got a local profile-folder; I haven't.

Some other users can login after I rejoint the domain (delete old 
mashine account add new), but there Profile is broken (e.g. Mozilla cant 
find a path, not telling which @-)). If I move there serverprofile and 
they login, a new profile is created. We have to configure Mozilla and 
all works well.

So dose anymon can tell me whats going on? What failed? Is there a 
chance for me to "recover" the existing profiles so I dont have to copy 
and addjust about 500 Accounts....

If you need some more detail, pleas let me know! Thanks it advance for 
any help!!!

Götz Reinicke

Götz Reinicke
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