[Samba] share persistence problem

Mal Beaton mal at mbeaton.id.au
Fri May 30 12:18:29 GMT 2003

I have had a similar problem and found this during some searches. I
havent tried it yet but will try on monday in the login scripts

SYMPTOMS: You find that the network drive mapping may be disconnected after
15 minutes of inactivity and Windows Explorer may display a red "X" on the
icon of the mapped drive. However, if you double-click it reconnects

RESOLUTION: by default, idle connections will be dropped after 15 minutes.
To modify idle time, at a command prompt using net config server
/autodisconnect: minutes.  For example, to set the Autodisconnect value to
30 minutes, you would run the following command line: net config server
/autodisconnect:30. If you would like to turn Autodisconnect off, do net
config server /autodisconnect:-1.

For more information, go to  http://www25.brinkster.com/ChicagoTech

Paul Trepanier wrote:
> After awhile, my connections from my PC to my samba server end up with a 
> red "X" in them (share disappeared) if I leave my explorer window open. 
>      If I click on these, they "wake up" and continue to function (and 
> the red X's go away).  If I close my explorer window (while the red X's 
> are there) and reopen it , they are gone.  An attempt to reestablish 
> these  dropped connections is immediately successful.
> This is obviously a connection persistence issue and I've tried setting 
> both keepalive= and SO_KEEPALIVE (individually, of course) to no avail.
> Any ideas?
> My installation is samba 2.2.8 running as a daemon (not inetd) on
> Solaris 8 configured to use a WINS server and provide authentication via
> a PDC (same host as WINS server).  I do have an lmhosts file in the
> samba /lib directory with the PDC/WINS server address in it.
> My globals section;
> [global]
>         workgroup = WORKGROUP
>         netbios name = SAMBASERVER
>         security = SERVER
>         encrypt passwords = Yes
>         password server = pdc
>         lanman auth = No
>         log level = 2
>         log file = /usr/local/depot/samba-2.2.8/var/%m.log
>         deadtime = 5
>         max smbd processes = 5
>         load printers = No
>         show add printer wizard = No
>         preferred master = No
>         local master = No
>         domain master = No
>         wins server = [IP address of WINS/PDC server]
>         follow symlinks = No

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