[Samba] Making winbindd and pam_mount play nice together (2nd try)

Buchan Milne bgmilne at cae.co.za
Fri May 30 09:40:35 GMT 2003

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> Subject: RE: [Samba] Making winbindd and pam_mount play nice together
> 	(2nd try)
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> Yes, I'm going to individual shares.  It seems that pam_mount is not
> the password information from the PAM system.  I've contacted the
author of
> pam_mount and will share any results.
> So far:
> Several people are trying to get pam_mount working with winbind.  I don't
> have a winbind setup myself, so it is difficult for me to debug.
Please be
> patient.
> The only hypothesis I have at this point revolves around pam_mounts use of
> functions like getpwnam to retrieve information about a user's account.
> Theoretically, if one configures /etc/nsswitch.conf correctly,
getpwnam can
> use services besides /etc/passwd (ie: winbind) to answer questions about a
> user.
> Pam_mount uses getpwnam to do the following:
> 1.  Determine where ~/.pam_mount.conf is.
> 2.  Determine the UID and GID that should own a mount point created by
> pam_mount.
> 3.  Determine the UID and GID that should own a user's session count file
> (/var/run/pam_mount/<user>).
> 4.  Ensure a user owns mount points and volumes for volumes defined by
> ~/.pam_mount.conf.
> The only other suspect action I can think of is pam_mount's retrieval
of a
> user's password from the PAM system.  I don't think this should be an
> if you use pam_winbind to authenticate users.
> Do any of these hints help?

I don't have a winbind system available to test on, but I maintain
pam_mount packages in Mandrake, and so have a test setup, using accounts
only in LDAP via pam_ldap.

I have no problems, currently using pam_mount 0.5.14. I haven't tried
pam_mount with winbind since it added the ~ token (which I needed), but
it did work ...

Have you tried pam_mount with local accounts to ensure that it's not
winbind that is the problem?

BTW, I have had trouble using pam_mount via a stacked pam file (like
/etc/pam.d/system-auth) before, so my test setup uses it in
/etc/pam.d/login directly.


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