[Samba] Slow performance with QuickBooks

AragonX aragonx at dcsnow.com
Fri May 30 01:37:13 GMT 2003

That's strange.  Samba shouldn't be able to get close to FTP speeds.  I
was able to get 10.5MB/sec with FTP and only 7.59MB/sec with Samba.  I'm
running on a switched 100Mb network.  The network seems to be my
limitation in my case as my server hard drives seem to be able to output
about 20MB/sec.

I can get the same speeds on Win98 as I can on WinXP.  You have to tune a
default Win98's TCP/IP performance to get the best results out of it.

<quote who="Brandon Lederer">
> I used an Excellent Loaded WINXP computer today.  Samba is outspeeding
> FTP.
> Approaching 7 MB / sec on reads, 6 MB / sec on writes.  Linux sees these
> speeds on FTP.  Unable to test sambaclient on Linux.  This isn't anything
> to
> complain about, albeit there is _better_.  But a decent 98SE machine cant
> touch these speeds.  Is there any explanation as to why?
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