[Samba] edirectory and samba

Tori Williamson tori at bsitpa.com
Thu May 29 20:38:46 GMT 2003

Essentially, at this point my head is about to explode.

I have been able to update the most recent samba-nds.schema from the
LDAP CVS at samba.org. And I can add posixAccount users with the
LDAPTools. But I cannot add anyone as a sambaAccount (./smbldap-useradd
-a "username"). Each time, it adds the posixAccount portion to
eDirectory, and then failes the sambaAccount add portion.

Is there ANYONE who has some experience using the LDAPTools from IdealX
with eDirectory? Anyone at all? Is there some error in the scripts? Or
some addition/modification I need to make to NDS?

Many thanks in advance!


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