[Samba] Migrating Profiles: Revisited

Jason Williams jwilliams at courtesymortgage.com
Thu May 29 19:53:17 GMT 2003

Hello everyone.

Well, i've tried to figure this out on my own by asking questions and 
reading the how-to provided by John.
I've followed the directions accordingly, but there are a few catches i've 
noticed that seem to be throwing me a curve or to.

Let me recap. Basically, i've setup our samba PDC with LDAP. I originally 
was going to use roaming profiles, but decided against it this morning as I 
felt it would not benefit us for what we are doing. So I decided to stick 
with local profiles.

Now, as it is at this moment, each user logs into their workstation and 
uses their local profile. Our network is currenty setup in a peer-to-peer. 
But, soon, everyone will be joining the domain.

It is at this point, that I want to make sure that once the computer has 
been joined to the domain and the user logs onto the domain, that user(s) 
will continue to use their original local profile.

According to the How-To, I need to disable roaming profiles, which I have 
done in smb.conf.
Also, I was told that I need to copy the users local profile as in the 
.pdf, chapter 22, 2.2.4.

My question is, if im going to copy the profile to a certain location (lets 
say c:\profiletest), that is no problem. The problem I am failing to 
understand is how to make sure, when the user logs on, they will be able to 
use that profile.

I dont need to copy the profile to the PDC since I am not using roaming 

I've tried copying the profile to a temp location on the local computer, 
but when I log in with my testuser, into the domain, it creates a new 
profile and does not use my original local profile.

So i'm missing a step somewhere on how to get the original local profile 
back up and running when the user logs into the domain.

I apologize if this seems redundant, but im very close to getting this 
solved and moving along to my next task.

I appreciate everyones input.



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