[Samba] client side permisions of a samba directory

Steve deRosier derosier at pianodisc.com
Thu May 29 16:25:38 GMT 2003


I've recently noticed that when I have a directory remotely mounted via 
samba to my linux desktop, the mode bits of directories and files in it 
don't necessarily resemble those of the actual files on the server. 
Neither does a chmod seem to have any effect.

I noticed that smbmount has a fmask and a dmask argument and these 
arguments control what I view the mode as.  Leaving out these arguments 
just gets me a different mask.

Question:  How can I get my mounted directory to simply behave just like 
any other directory?  I just want to be able to view and modify the REAL 
mode bits from my konsole.

client - Mandrake Linux 9.1, smbmount version 2.2.7a, smbclient version 
server - RH 7.3, smbd version 2.2.3a

mount command:
smbmount //ENGSWDEV/derosier /home/derosier/mnt/ENGSWDEV/derosier/ -o 

Note->I know I'm running an old version of smbd on the server.  Please 
don't tell me "you need to upgrade" unless it actually makes a 
difference in the problem I'm having; there are too many people here 
that can't afford the outage with the time it will take to do an upgrade.

- Steve

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