[Samba] Folder redirection on samba

Murali krishnan Ganapathy gmurali at cs.uchicago.edu
Thu May 29 12:48:57 GMT 2003

Two ways to do it. One is on a per user basis, and the other is through

First: Per User
   All that needs to be done is to change one registry key, in HKCU.
All other methods essentially do this for you and give you a cleaner 
interface. I cant remember the registry key to change off the top of
my head, but if you want I can find it for you.

Second: Policies
   I know this can surely be done with Group Policies in Win2K/XP. But 
SAMBA does not support Active Directory Objects yet (needs to serve them
But NT4 sytle system policies are supported by samba. It just involves
a NTConfig.pol file in the netlogon share. But I dont know if NT4 System
allow folder redirection.

The way I am planning to use (still experimenting with it), is to use
method one
(Still dont have a way to generate a NTConfig.pol file, since I only
have a Win2K 
Advanced Server CD and not a NT4 server CD). Basically, we allow the
users to create
a .windowsrc file in their home directory which is in INI format. Then
during logon,
as part of the logon script, this file is read, parsed and settings
specified there
are implemented. Settings include folder redirection and mounting
network shares, and
hope to add more features eventually.

The only problem I have is that: In my case, I want the My Documents
redirected to a
network share (usually their home directory). The redirection works
fine. Windows realises 
the redirection is in effect and does not download MyDocuments from the
profiles directory.
But in order to improve network performance (or whatever), it is trying
to cache the MyDocuments
locally. Since user home directories are typically huge (100MB), it is
downloading the entire 
MyDocuments folder, which is a bad thing.

I still need to figure out, how to tell windows programmatically, not to
cache MyDocuments. So 
any changes they make is written to the network share immediately. Even
if it means loosing 
MyDocuments when there is a network outage.

Hope this helps.

- Murali

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how can i set up the folder "my documents" on clients desktop on my

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