[Samba] Samba+CUPS+Driver autodownload

Matt Dainty matt at xrefer.com
Thu May 29 10:31:57 GMT 2003


I'm trying to get Samba to offer the Adobe driver automatically for the
two printers I have set up with CUPS.

I have all of the necessary files plucked out of the Adobe Postscript
Windows driver package, but I'm hitting the problem when I come to run
"cupsaddsmb -v ..." that the "rpcclient adddrivers" command always fails
with NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL. The drivers are being copied to the [print$]
directories correctly, just the driver registration fails.

I found the posts relating to this error in 2.2.8a, so I've actually
downloaded the current CVS SAMBA_2_2 branch as of yesterday, and I'm
still getting the same problem, which I assumed would be fixed in the
source now.

I have run "rpcclient -d 100 ..." but it's quite big so if anyone would
like to see that, please let me know.

Anyone have this fixed and working?



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