[Samba] Cross Subnet WINS?

ganapathy murali krishnan gmurali at cs.uchicago.edu
Wed May 28 21:22:16 GMT 2003

OK. The problem is solved. The problem was not with samba.
The wireless subnet is controlled by a different group of people,
and after a few experiments, I found out that all out going traffic
to port 139 is dropped. So, I was able to contact my SAMBASERVER
on port 22 (ssh) but not on 139.

Till I get the firewall opened up, I have asked the user to do all
NETBIOS resolutions locally through LMHOSTS.

- Murali

Murali krishnan Ganapathy wrote:
> But the win wks on the other subnet is configured to use my
> SAMBASERVER as its WINS SERVER, and it is configured using the 
> IP Adress of the SAMBASERVER and not the name. Shouldn't this
> do the trick?
> win wks is on a wireless subnet and hence runs at 11 MBPS, while
> the SAMBASERVER is on a wired subnet. I read somewhere that windows
> does some kind of "optimization" with slow networks. Is it possible
> that this is a result of that? or am I way of the target here? 
> - Murali

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