[Samba] Slow performance with QuickBooks

Brandon Lederer brandonl at hms4emc.com
Wed May 28 20:04:44 GMT 2003

Just also verified that WinXP and Win98SE Exhibit the SAME issue.  almost
identical time from one OS to the Other.  I just cant seem to make it any

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I have spent much of the day today researching performance tuning with
samba.  I have tried everything that I can find out about how to make
performance faster.  I checked disk performance with Bonnie, installed FTP
and tested a transfer that way, achieving 6-7 MB / second.  about 30 seconds
for 150 MB file.  I was finally able to achieve those speeds on a file
transfer to the server through samba.  But QuickBooks is still just as slow
as it was.  Its performance has not changed a bit.  I am banging my head
against the wall on this.  I am going nuts.  Please Help.

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