[Samba] Member server of Samba PDC

Patrick Nelson pnelson at neatech.com
Wed May 28 19:02:50 GMT 2003

PDC RH9 running v2.2.7-a-8.9.0 from RH 
Member RH73 running v2.2.7-3.7.3 from RH
both are up to date with regards to RH

Would like the Member server to authenticate against the PDC rather than
locally to itself causing me to keep auth all synced up between the two.
Yes LDAP is an option as we already use it, but was waiting for ver 3 to
go down this road as we don't like to compile because of the vast amount
of systems we have (plus the level of work for upgrading).

Been searching for docs on adding a Samba Member Server to Samba PDC,
but have not found anything specific.  Anyone point me toward how to
accomplish this?  Ah thank ya... ah thank ya very much!

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