[Samba] Samba2.2.8a+Netscape DS4.16:Bind failed

ykir@libertysurf.fr ykir at libertysurf.fr
Wed May 28 14:02:02 GMT 2003


I'm trying to setup samba/linux file server , with authentification made by Netscape directory server.
The steps I follow:

1 Installing Netscape DS , for now de directory server in empty .
  the only users are : admin  and  manager each one has his

2 Installing Samba2.2.8a (--with-ldapsam support)

3 modifiying smb.conf   to
         ldap server     = localhost
         ldap port       = 389
         ldap suffix     = "o=post1,c=fr"
         ldap ssl        =no
         ldap admin dn   = "cn=admin, o=post1,c=fr"
         netbios name    =Serveur1
         security        =user
         host allow      =192.30.254. 
         workgroup       = Group1
         os level        =33
         encrypt passwords=yes
         log file        =/dev/tty12
  [Public] ....

4 I put the admin passwd in secrets.tdb by doing
         smbpasswd -w 'adminpasswd'

5 to test my setting  :
         smbclient -L serveur1 -N

 I got the following :

   added interface ip=..............
   Got a positive name query response from 172.....
   session setup failed :NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE

 and the log messages whers saying :

    #  ldap_connect_system:Binding to ldap server
      as "cn=admin,o=post1,c=fr"
      ldap_connect_system:Bind failed no such object.

Thank you for your help   

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