[Samba] Cross Subnet WINS?

Murali krishnan Ganapathy gmurali at cs.uchicago.edu
Wed May 28 13:25:01 GMT 2003

But the win wks on the other subnet is configured to use my
SAMBASERVER as its WINS SERVER, and it is configured using the 
IP Adress of the SAMBASERVER and not the name. Shouldn't this
do the trick?

win wks is on a wireless subnet and hence runs at 11 MBPS, while
the SAMBASERVER is on a wired subnet. I read somewhere that windows
does some kind of "optimization" with slow networks. Is it possible
that this is a result of that? or am I way of the target here? 

- Murali

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If you want it to work the win wks must be able to resolve the name
SAMBASERVER . Unfortunateley the only way it can is through wins . So
need to add a dns entry to your privtate dns with a hostname
SAMBASERVER.yourdomain.com   and use that name for dns server or just
the ip address .

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> I have a question about WINS across subnets. I am
> *not* interested in cross subnet browsing.
> SAMBASERVER is my PDC as well as WINS.
> I run "net view \\CLIENT" on a windows machine
> A which is on the same subnet as my SAMBASERVER
> and everything works fine.
> If I run the same command on a windows machine B
> on another subnet it does not work. The network
> interface on B has been configured to use SAMBASERVER
> (rather its IP address) as the WINS server.
> I dont know if this is important. But A is on a wired
> network, and B is on a wireless network.
> - Murali
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