[Samba] RE: Samba and Cups

Kevin Smith ksmith at perfht.com
Wed May 28 13:16:55 GMT 2003

Just wanted to update the list with this problem:
Its seems it was a config problem in cupsd.conf which was related to the way
CUPS broadcasts to clients. I added the server name in the beginning, and
fixed a typo and VIOLA!
Thanks for all who helped.

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Yes I see that, the CUPS printcap has just the printer sharename in it.
Now CUPS does work as far as printing test sheets from the Web Interface,
the issue seems to be why samba doesn't recognize it and let me add the
printer to the clients. There is always a possibility that Im missing
In the Win9X clients, when I try to add a printer, it says the share isn't
there. Now I don't have a model printer share ([Epson] ect.) in the
smb.conf, but from all Vie read, I shouldn't need one, CUPS should take care
of all that.


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I understand that CUPS sets up a dummy printcap for the use of
applications like samba, and it is best left alone. If printcap was
changed, then maybe samba can't understand it. Indeed the fact that
printing worked for a bit then stopped could even have been due to the
delay between the changes being made and samba refreshing its
configuration (which is quite short I think).


On Fri, 2003-05-23 at 00:12, Michael MacIsaac wrote:
> >           printing = cups
> ...
> > I used printconf-tui to set the /etc/printcap

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