[Samba] "Additional Drivers" and Print Window Refresh

Eirik Thorsnes eirik.thorsnes at fys.uib.no
Tue May 27 22:25:43 GMT 2003

Ryan Novosielski wrote:
> I tried a variation on the method you suggested: I right clicked on the
> white-space (who even knew that was there?! not me!) and did an [Add...]
> -- I am then asked for the driver, and then what OS it is for. Then it
> installs, but at the end gives me the error below, regarding the windows
> version. The driver installs to the list, AND shows up in enumdrivers, but
> windows bemoans the driver list every time you try to exit it. Question
> is, now, is are the drivers installed?
> Does anyone know how to REMOVE drivers from a Win2k or Win98 machine in
> order to find out?

I once had to remove drivers the "hard way" on NT, had to search the
registry for all references to the printer driver, as well as deleting
the driver files in WINNT\spool32. It was crucial to reboot the machine

The reason I had to delete the drivers was that I found it would not be
overwritten by a newer one. It even looked as if the driver was copied over.

Eirik Thorsnes

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