[Samba] Differences between Samba and Windows 2000 with respect to printer driver uploading.

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue May 27 14:59:45 GMT 2003

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On Tue, 27 May 2003, Paul Gibbons wrote:

> The difference is that following uploading of the dlls to the Windows
> 2000 server the driver is loaded on the Server itself and the driver
> recieves notification of the fact by a call to DrvPrinterEvent with
> event=PRINTER_EVENT_INITIALIZE to which the driver responds by setting
> the PrinterDriverData keys correctly; as a result the printer is fully
> installed and a test page is produced correctly however one requests its
> creation.
> In comparison following uploading of the dlls to the Samba server no
> action takes place on the Samba server itself ( of course it is not able
> to laod the driver being Linux) and so the driver is not given the
> opportunity to set the PrinterDriverData keys; in this case installation
> is not complete and so the test page fails. To compensate for the
> inability for the Samba server to run the driver one therefore needs to
> do a further step having uploaded the driver to Samba which is to open a
> connection to it from a Windows 2000 client ; this action causes the
> driver to the loaded and the driver to receive notification of the fact
> by a call to DrvPrinterEvent with event=PRINTER_EVENT_ADD_CONNECTION to
> which the driver can respond by setting the PrinterDriverData keys
> correctly.

This is old news really.  But your analysis is correct.

Some drivers are better about this than others. The best solution I have
seen is to set the page orientation as this always initializes the driver
data correctly.  Also the 'default devmode' paraneter for another possible

I've snipped the rest of the message, but it was pretty much right on as 

cheers, jerry
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