[Samba] Can I have separate Win2K and WinXP profiles?

Michael Keightley Michael.Keightley at quadstone.com
Tue May 27 14:47:42 GMT 2003

Am running Samba 2.2.8a as a domain controller.
Have this setup in smb.conf so Win2K and WinNT store their profiles in a 
different directory:

  logon path = \\%N\profile\%a\%U

  comment = User Profiles
  path = /home/samba/profile
  browseable = no
  guest ok = yes
  writeable = yes

Profiles get stored in /home/samba/profile/WinNT and /home/samba/profile/Win2K.
When I log into a WinXP SP1 machine it uses the profile from the Win2K
directory.  This screws things up if you move between Win2K and WinXP.
Is there a way of storing Win2K and WinXP profiles in separate directories?

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