[Samba] Account Lockout (Repost)

Mike Carpenter MCarpenter at roadwaynextday.com
Tue May 27 01:02:31 GMT 2003

Hi all,

My boss is still questioning me for an answer.   I've searched thru this
archive thru the beginning of the year as well as searched thru Google, but
still haven't found the answer to the this question..

Is there a way in Samba to automatically disable/lockout an account if the
user has tried to signon more than a set number incorrectly?

As an example:  if JDOE tries to sign into the Samba domain using an
incorrect password 3 times, can Samba disable/lockout this account until
either reset by an administrator or until a certain time period has

My boss is looking for the same functionality in this arena that Window$ or
Novell used to give us.


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