[Samba] Sambafax - which windows PS driver works? & other options?

Matthew Western mwestern at affairs.net.au
Mon May 26 23:41:52 GMT 2003

Hi All,
I have a nicely working samba/cups print server working and have sambafax
http://www.purpel3.com/sambafax/ installed and working to a certain extent.

The problem i have is that no matter what post script driver I use on the
windows end, the ps2ascii line in the sambafax cups backend scripts seems to
not be able to change back to the original readable text and thus fails
parse the Fax-Nr: xxxxxxx line.

Does anyone have a working sambafax server and know what driver I should be
using and if this sambafax is as good as it seems?  or is there something
better than this?

are there any other options for a fax backend for CUPS?  i've managed to get
Cypheus or WHFC working on a different test machine, but don't want to
install this client software on every machine that wants to fax, not to
mention try to explain to each user how to use it.

Thanks and regards

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