[Samba] samba 3.0 as PDC and Winxp

Gordon Pritchard gordonp at sfu.ca
Mon May 26 15:50:53 GMT 2003

On Mon, 2003-05-26 at 02:37, Peter Haufschild wrote:

> I setup a samba 3.0alpha24-1 as PDC (simple with smbpasswd without LDAP

> Windows XP I could join the domain (without any trouble). But I could not
> login as a user. Windows XP returns domain is not accessible (die domain ist
> nicht verfügbar).

	I had this same problem last week, and Jerry Carter provided this
answer and guidance:

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On 21 May 2003, Gordon Pritchard wrote:

> The Situation
> =============
>       I have a WinXP box (yup, sign-or-seal registry patch applied),
> and I can initially join it to my domain.  It then prompts me to
> reboot, for the changes to take effect.
>       So I do.
>       After the reboot, I cannot log onto the domain (using users
> which are held in LDAP, and who can do console- and ssh-logins fine).
> The error-message says something to the effect that the domain name
> could not be found.
>       Curiouser:  I log in locally as Administrator, then check the
> workgroup, and it's *NOT* what I had set previously when joining my
> domain!  I see the domain as "shaw.ca" rather than "WHITEROCK".
>       This is very repeatable.

Just fixed this in yesterday's SAMBA_3_0 branch.  Update your local cvs 
checkout and try again.  You will need to rejoin the domain.  It was 
the lsa_query_info2() reply that made the XP client think it was in an
AD domain.

cheers, jerry
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