[Samba] Samba on Debian Woody, trying to set up a PDC

Dinyar Rabady dinyar at rabady.jet2web.at
Mon May 26 12:42:51 GMT 2003

seeing as i'm a first-time poster on this list i'd like to say hello to 
My name is Dinyar Rabady and i come from austria.

My problem is the following:

I have a network consiting of two debian computers (one stable and one 
unstable) and three windows computers (one 2k and two XP).
I have changed smb.conf according to what it says in 'Using Samba' from 
but when i run testparm it tells me 'ignoring badly formatted line in 
configuration file: %u'
i'm relatively new to linux in general...appart from a few tryes a couple 
of years ago this is my first time using linux on a network.
The Samba version on my stable system is 2.2.3a-12.3 for Debian

any ideas on how to fix it?


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