[Samba] Call for help with Samba Printing and WinNT

Chris Smith chris at realcomputerguy.com
Sun May 25 15:43:48 GMT 2003

On Sun, 2003-05-25 at 03:15, Ken Sarkies wrote:

> Although there are rumours that
> WinXP/HE gives networking problems, I found that as long as the
> username/passwords were setup identically to those on the WinNT/TSE PDC
> and on the Samba machines, there was no difficulty connecting to shares
> and printers and even to MS-Exchange from the WinXP/HE machines. In fact
> it was quite smooth (sorry-have to be honest).

This is normal operation. XP HOME cannot participate as a domain member
and therefore one must duplicate the account. In some scenarios a
reconnect to shares will require additional attention at every login.
Windows machines have been sharing peer-to-peer style (no PDC) for a
long time, no reason to be so surprised by it.

> we can use the WinNT/TSE AddPrinter GUI to
> install printer drivers into the Samba PRINT$ share for the raw
> printers.

This is my preferred way of installing Windows native or manufacturer
supplied printer drivers.

> Continuing on, we can now try the Linux commandline method of installing
> the printer driver.

You have too much time on your hands<g>.

> Now for the crunch. We go to the WinNT/TSE server and we can see the
> driver mentioned against the printer properties. However when we click
> “install” (equivalent to “connect” on other Wins), it complains that
> there is no suitable driver of that name on the PRINT$ share.

Did you install an NT4 driver? Look at the "Additional Drivers" dialog
box for the printer in question for the versions listed.

> Thus while we cannot install a driver using cupsaddsmb, we can do so
> through the Win GUI interface, so all is not lost.

Cupsaddsmb, will not, AFAIK, install a raw printer (you mention above
you're working with a raw printer queue). When you assign a PPD to a
CUPS queue it is no longer a raw printer and that PPD must be associated
with either the CUPS or the Adobe PS drivers which must have already
been properly located.


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