[Samba] "Additional Drivers" and Print Window Refresh

Eirik Thorsnes eirik.thorsnes at fys.uib.no
Sun May 25 12:39:50 GMT 2003

Ryan Novosielski wrote:
> I have RTFM'd, so excuse me if I missed something in the manual. :)
> 1) When I attempt to add additional drivers (the inital driver worked just
> fine, when using the instructions in John's HOWTO), I get the following
> error:
> "The printer driver you selected is either not compatible with your
> current version of Windows, or it may not be available. Select a
> compatible driver from the list, or contact your administrator for help."

I have got this error on several occasions, once (at least) it was
related to different naming of the printer driver in different windows
versions (that is: bug by the driver manufacturer).

At one point I got the driver installed by going to the driver tab in
the "server properties" in the "printers" section (as seen from a
win2k/XP workstation). (To get to it you right-click on a white space in
the windows explorer window instead of right-clicking a particular
printer). Once there I clicked the driver in question, then on
"replace", but instead of giving it the same driver - I gave it the
driver for the additional windows version. It then added this driver to
the list (instead of replacing the other).

I hope this explanation wasn't too confusing.

Perhaps this (in a better wording) should be included in the updated
printing howto?

Eirik Thorsnes

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