[Samba] Samba performance problem due changing kernel (2.4.20 Linux kernel)

Artem Daniliants artem at goldenrain.net
Sun May 25 09:51:43 GMT 2003

 Hi everyone. I am running Gentoo on my server and samba 2.2.8a. Recently
I changed kernel version from linux-2.4.19-gentoo-r10 to
linux-2.4.20-wolk4.0s. And now I have performance issue with samba. Ok
many of you will probably say that move to vanilla sources...well I ried
it too and it didn't work. I have 100mb LAN and two computers (linux +
Windows2000). Linux server shares directory with DivX files, client
(windows2000) plays them via LAN. Before when I was running 2.4.19 kernel
everything was fine, but now movies freezes and stops...I tried moving
files between server and Windows and it's trerribly slow.

 I am not a n00b and I did my searching in google/forums and so. I also
tried optimizing samba, but no help. Even now if I boot bacj to 2.4.19
everything is fine and samba transfers are GREAT, but the minute I go to
2.4.20....everything goes slow. I thought that maybe my smb.conf would be
usefull, it's located at http://www.goldenrain.net/Temp/smb.conf and here
is my kernel config http://www.goldenrain.net/Temp/config.txt

 I compiled samba with this cflags: "-march=pentium3 -O2 -pipe
-fomit-frame-pointer". I must move to 2.4.20 coz of some drivers and
such. I'd love to stay with 2.4.19, but I can't. Samba is main thing that
this server does. While my testings LAN had *NO* activity and server cpu
usage was below 2%.

P.S. Server is P3 with 500mb sdram

thnx a lot in advance and sorry for my poor english. I can provide any
extra info you might want.

Artem Daniliants

E-Mail; artem at goldenrain.net
Phone:  +358504100167

FInland, Oulu

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